Amy Weber
Actress - Singer - Model

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There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.
- Amy Weber

Though the word “beautiful” is the one most commonly used to describe Amy Weber, there is so much to her than meets the eye! After years of hard work and study of her craft, Amy’s natural talent has brought success in an ever-growing number of arenas.

Amy’s latest venture involves burning up the music charts. Her newest single “Dance of Life” featuring Superstar Sean Kingston which was released this month. She is also making plans to tour in 2014. The single is already garnering her International attention and accolades. She won the Akademia Award in the”Best Song”category as well as the HMMA award for “Best Dance Song.” Her previous single “Let it Rain” was released in 2012. The song shot up the Music Week Charts in the U.K., climbing to #6 in less than two weeks. In the U.S., “Let it Rain” Landed on the Billboard Top 40 Charts. Her prior hit single “Something Kinda Ooh” was named one of the top 100 Dance songs of 2010 alongside Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. Amy has collaborated with Grammy winners Jackie Boyz, The Klubjumpers, as well as Madonna’s personal DJ, the world famous Tracy Young.

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