Playdate Supporting Decoupage Prod
Crossroad Lead Spot On Media
Becoming Pony Boi Lead 7 Ponies Prod.
Robot Wars Star Asylum Films
Shades of Love Supporting Dreamy Eyes Prod
Unbeatable Harold Supporting Universal Pictures
Portrait of Eve Lead Abiather Films
Pumpkin Carver Lead Mannatee Films
Adventures of Joe Dirt Principal Universal Pictures
Pauly Shore Is Dead Supporting Miramax
CrackerJack III Star North American Pictures
Hollywood Digital Diaries Lead 7 Ponies Productions
Starforce Star New Gate Pictures
The Contract Lead Lavetta Entertainment
Kolobos Star Ambush Entertainment
Art House Lead Dominion Entertainment
The Probe Recurring Comedy Central (pilot)
Young and the Restless Day Player CBS
CSI Guest Star CBS
Son of the Beach Series Regular F/X
Andy Richter Controls Guest Star 20th Century Fox
Seventh Heaven Guest Star Spelling Entertainment
Port Charles Recurring ABC
Smack Down Series Regular UPN
Little Monsters Guest Star NBC (pilot)
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Supporting 20th Century Fox
18 Wheels of Justice Guest Star TNN
Training Scott Sedita Amy Lyndon , The Groundlings, Brian Reise, John Short, Larry Moss, Ivana Chubbick, Michelle Danner, Margie Haber, Joanne Baron, D.W. Brown, Rick Goldman, Darryl Hickman.

Special Skills: Motorcycle Riding, Horseback, Gymnastics, Kickboxing, Weight Training, Poker, Cooking, In line Skating, Dancing, Singing, Snowboarding, Cheerleading, Teleprompter, IFB.